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Airways transporting

We use all of our experience in airline logistics services to increase your efficiency. With air cargo, one of the fastest shipping methods, we work in contact with more than 60 countries so that all your small or large-scale transfers can easily reach even the farthest distances of the world.

Around the World

At DutchMER, we ensure that the furthest points of the world are closer to you and your company every day. Thanks to our air cargo transportation solutions, we continue to offer global solutions for you and your production partners around the world to smile.

Logistics Options

• Textile products
• Spare part
Dangerous and flammable materials
Personal items
White goods and electronic components
Olive oil
• Fresh vegetables and fruits
• Food
• Flower

You can contact us for detailed information.

Frequently asked Questions

Question answer

Do you have a certificate of authorization?

Yes. We have R2 Authorization Certificate for use in international transportation. In addition, we have business partnerships with licensed agencies for all transportation types.

Do you have a certificate of quality?

We have obtained our ISO 9001 quality certificate for use in all logistics operations and we carry out our processes in this direction. Regardless of the size of your operation, you can be sure that Biz Logistics can serve you with top quality and professionalism.

Do you have a vehicle cruise tracking system?

In your international road transports, we share the location information of the vehicle with your cargo every morning. In addition, you can reach our operations experts 24/7 and get up-to-date information via e-mail and / or telephone at any time.

What Is The Most Costly Logistics Choice?

Among our services, it is Airline logistics that burns the most.

Why Are We Preferred?

We value being a center of attraction and an innovative organization that protects the trust in DutchMER experience, is success-oriented, attaches importance to teamwork and continuous improvement.