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Our Logistics Integrations

Storage Services

As DutchMER Logistics, we are at your side with our storage services that we aim to meet your needs in the most economical way with our flexible solutions that can be adapted according to your production structure and expectations. In many parts of the world, we offer modern and hygienic storage and storage solutions that offer the storage conditions your product will need, protected 24/7 with uninterrupted security systems, integrated with the most advanced warehouse management and tracking systems.

Border and Customs Services

Regardless of your industry, we provide you with the most accurate solutions by identifying all the customs services you need in the logistics journey your cargo will make to any point in the world. We are always at your side with our experienced team, who are waiting to serve you at the existing customs points and work devotedly to continue the flow of documents without interrupting.

CROSS-DOCK Transport

Thanks to our cross-docking solutions, we provide logistical support as soon as your production process is completed, ensuring that your products are delivered to their address without waiting, thus contributing to the reduction of your storage costs. Cross-Dock, which is one of the most important supply chain strategies that can be applied in order to provide competitive advantage in your logistics processes; It is an important logistics process that must be planned meticulously and with the right timing. As DutchMER, we are always at your side as a reliable solution partner that adds value to your company with our experienced and professional team.

International and Intercontinental

In the sector you belong to, we are always your biggest supporter to expand your market volume and to meet all your logistics needs perfectly. We work devotedly to ensure that your cargo can be transported safely to all over the world, and we are happy to support you in carrying your company to the future in the globalizing world. Whether in the production process or at the final delivery stage… It is our duty to make the world smaller for you, wherever your source or target is. With our expert team and high motivation, we are always working to produce solution-oriented services for you.

Other services

As DutchMER Logistics, every customer we work with is special and valuable to us. We are not satisfied with the safe and secure delivery of your cargoes starting from production to their final address, in addition, we offer wide spectrum and value-added services to every company we work with. According to your production plan, all additional services such as packaging, labeling, adding price tags, product control, packaging, handling, and placing; We offer you to manage your production and logistics processes in the most efficient way.
Frequently asked Questions

Question answer

Do you have a certificate of authorization?

Yes. We have R2 Authorization Certificate for use in international transportation. In addition, we have business partnerships with licensed agencies for all transportation types.

Do you have a certificate of quality?

We have obtained our ISO 9001 quality certificate for use in all logistics operations and we carry out our processes in this direction. Regardless of the size of your operation, you can be sure that Biz Logistics can serve you with top quality and professionalism.

Do you have a vehicle cruise tracking system?

In your international road transports, we share the location information of the vehicle with your cargo every morning. In addition, you can reach our operations experts 24/7 and get up-to-date information via e-mail and / or telephone at any time.

Which Transport Service is the Most Costly?

Among our services, it is Airline logistics that burns the most.

Why Are We Preferred?

We value being a center of attraction and an innovative organization that protects the trust in DutchMER experience, is success-oriented, attaches importance to teamwork and continuous improvement.

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